Complete TOPT Preparation Set

Spanish TOPT Study Set
Spanish TOPT Study Set
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Product Description

The Spanish TOPT Study Set is a complete study set conceived for the preparation of the Texas Oral Proficiency Test. It has been designed to help learners develop oral proficiency in the Spanish language in a fast and effective manner. The set contains:

1. Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners (SGIL). 2nd Edition. A. Azoulay & A. Vicente. 1998 A complete reference grammar book with easy to follow explanations and quick access to information. Reviewers call it “the best in the field.” 456 pages

2. Spanish TOPT Study Book (+ 2 CD’s). A. Azoulay & A. Vicente. 1997 This book presents the 15 TOPT communicative functions. For each function, it provides vocabulary, grammatical structures, discourse strategies, and practice situations. The TOPT Study Book also contains tips for independent learning, a TOPT Culture Guide with information on Hispanic Culture, and reprints of newspaper articles on topics relevant to the communicative functions addressed in the test.

3. Two CD’s accompany the Spanish TOPT Study Book and provide oral exercises for practice and reinforcement.